Reflection 14 – Edutechnovation Day !!


This is our poster group.  Simple … but gives a lot of meaning.  Such a creative design from FahmiMasrom.



I just wanna say that I was very happy today.  I want to conclude I felt so relieved as everything was over today.  We were done our great presentation.  Every group has shown their best in presenting the videos.  The best thing I got from this final week was everybody      have their own talent and I saw many of them has improved their skills in technology used.   Our group was very glad as Ummi told that she want to recommend our video to Kementerian Pelancongan.  Thank you Ummi!  Lastly, I want to thank to everyone especially our beloved lecturer, the facilitators and of course my fellow friends for your helping.  Without all of you,  we won’t be at this successful stage.

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Reflection 13 – Adobe Photoshop

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Today’s lesson was the lesson I loved most.  Why?  Because Mr. Helmi taught us about Photoshop.  For me, photoshop is the best software in editing pictures.  Photoshop is a highly sophisticated image manipulation program.  We use only a tiny part of its potential capability to format our pictures, crop and size them and balance the tone and color.

Moreover, Photoshop has many uses.  First, to color correct your digital images, prepare them for printing or web, design web pages, slice pages (make hyperlinks), you can also create gift animations, work with video, 3D content (Extended version), you can also make brand new images painting or drawing them with drawing tools, also in Photoshop you can make real and unreal compositions using masking tools and many, many other things.

Here are the examples of images using photoshop:



images (1)

images (2)

Plus, Mr. Helmi told us about the poster.  Every group must have a poster about their project on Edutechovation Day.

The poster must follow a film concept which is 20×30 inches.  He reminds us again about the slides show that we need to prepare next week.  The power point must include an abstract, process(flowchart), storyboard and blog group.

So, every of us has divided the task so that the work becomes smooth.

Reflection 12 – Casper+Information Skills+Adobe Premiere

Assalamualaikum all! Since I was absent the class, so I don’t know today’s lesson.  But, through my friends said, they learned about Casper.




What is casper actually?  What I know Casper  is the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name. As his name indicates, he is a ghost, but is quite personable.  But, the Casper that I wanna say is the technique that we can use in doing presentations.  Casper is the acronym of:


Contrast – functions to stress on certain things & avoid overlapping ( font size, font type, line, color, graphics )

Alignment – balancing the element of presentation with screen size left, centre, right, justify)

Simplicity – makes project more attractive ( simple graphic & animation )

Proximity – Gestalt theory

Emphasis – what to focus in slide ( text size & object, text shape and object )

Repetition – standardization in order to help conveying the message to the audience(background, font size, font type )


Basically, we use the technique to make the slides become wider. So now I can apply this technique in my presentations.

Reflection 11 – We learned Movie Maker !

Today’s class was very interesting as we learned Widows Live Movie Maker.  Sounds great right ? Well, maybe Movie Maker Software is just a simple one and easy for others but for me it’s quite difficult! .  Why did I say that? For your information, I never use this software and what I  know about Movie Maker is only to cut songs and edit video.. Hahhhh sounds silly right ?? ahahaha


I admit that I don’t really like technology tools but for this class I have to learn.  huhuu.   What I really like for today’s lesson is I learned how to use movie maker from someone’s expert, Mr. Helmi!!  He taught us for every single application and very details.  I was impressed for what he taught.


Movie Maker is part  of  Widows Live Essentials, which includes free programs for photos, movies, instant messaging, e-mail, blogging, family safety and more! So, I think students like us must use Movie Maker as it can make your work easier.


Firstly, Mr. Helmi taught us how to import photos or video.  It will take a few moments to import, depending on the file size and how long that clip is.



Next, how to add transitions. Select the “View Video Transitions” from the left panel. Drag them down to the “Storyboard”, but put them in the middle box. You can view the transitions by clicking on them and watching them on the screen to the left.



After that, we learned how to add song and how to cut some time from the video.  We we want to cut it,  click the half triangle at the side of the clip, and then you can move how long you want the scene.  Last but not least, the important  thing is how to add title or credits by clicking on the appropriate link on the left panel. To add credits, there is a big empty bar on the form; we should put either the title of the movie, or credits. The left side of the form should go positions, like Director, or Producer, or the character. Then, the right side, will be the names of the people that play or direct in their position.

Reflection 10 – Draft Presentation

Hi all !!

Week 10 was the week where we have  to present our video draft.. And as usual the class began with Pn.Hazratiexplanation about what we are going to present.  My group has done the video editing but after we got commented from Mr.Helmi, he asked us to do some modification to the video.  He said that our video was good but we still need to make some improvements.  We have to edit the subtitle in the video.

Most of the groups did their work very well and we were impressed seeing that.   They have creative ideas on making the video.  Good job guys!!  .That’s means my group has to compete with them. huhuhuu.

Although my group  had done almost 90%,  that was  not mean to feels satisfied because other groups may come out with more awesome video !!  so just wait and see for our second video ..

A few shots from the video making process

We used Windows Movie Maker as the main application use..

Apart from using WMM we also implemented some skills in using Pinnacle Video Maker which quite hard to use but worth using it…

Meanwhile for the poster we used Adobe Photoshop

Reflection 8 and 9 – Broga Hill !


I want to share my experience during hiking Broga Hill.  When we have decided to shoot our video at Broga, the only thing that I was thinking is HOW I AM GOING TO CLIMB ?? ohmaii god ! I never do such thing all this while. My feeling ? Of course have some fear, nervous   but at the same time I feel excited !

To shoot video at Broga is not an easy task.  The major problem that we faced was insufficient money.  Car rent, foods and drinks, petrol, all those things cost a money right ? But, from this we learn how to tolerate each other.  How we solve this problem?  The best solution we do is we collect money RM15/person.  An affordable right? hehe :p

Ok.  The second challenged was a time.  As the time was a mid-sem break, everyone wanted to go home.  There was some argument among us.  So, to settle this matter, I said to my group members, I want to do it by weekend of mid-sem break.  Oh luckily, they were agreed with me.

Let’s explore our journey ! 

Time showed at 3 o’clock.  I was a driver that night.  I picked my friends at their own college.  Unfortunately, it was a rainy day.  How we are going to hike ? Ok. Got another problem.  huhuu.  However, we were lucky because the rain was stopped once we arrived.  We were reached there around 4.30am and at 4,45 we started hiking.  The place quite scary as it is located at the middle of palm oil plantation.  In addition, there were so many dogs ! By bringing 5 torchlights and a bottle of mineral water,  we were so impressed to climb Broga Hill.  Only reached the half way, I already felt so exhausted.  During the journey, we were helped each other.  We waited the friends left behind and carry their bag.  Co-orperation is very important.  The difficult moment was when we have to climb a big rock by using the rope.  Seriously it was very challenging !  Apart from that, the track was very slippery and we must be careful.  If not, we will fall.  The best moment was when we laugh together, help each other and snapped photo even though all of us very tired.  We still can have fun.  By at 6 0’clock, we were reached at the peak of Broga Hill !! Finally, we were done the journey ! Such a fantastic feeling ! Such a great experience ! The view of Broga Hill really amazed us.  The clouds, sunrise and the dew had bring back our energy lost. huhuuu

But …. I swear that was the first and the last and I dont wanna going up again . Why ?? Let it be my secret 🙂


By the way, these are some of our pictures in  Broga !













Reflection 7

Hi there! I am so sorry for being late to update my blog.
We were informed on what we have to do for final presentation.  We must create our own ideas to make our presentation creative as we are going to have presentation in front of our Dean, Dr. Lilia.  However, this presentation only for Tesl studets.  The most important is we must upload our storyboard on Facebook and have a script as well.  One thing that we must do is to invite Mr. Helmi in our Fb group but we have done it !
As time goes by, my group had a final decision on our video project.  We were explained to Mr. Helmi about the ideas.  What I have got from this is Mr Helmi is always asking us about the updates. So, we can improve or generate new ideas in producing our video. This is because we can make a lot of  improvements. TRY AND ERROR  is better than do nothing right ?? huhuu 🙂 So, back to our project, we are planning to finish the video recording during the mid-sem break. In order to produce it, shooting equipment must be perfect ! How we handle it ? We divide the job to each other.  From that we can see we work as a team besides make our works become faster.
According to Mr. Helmi, camera man plays a main role and experiences are needed.  It is not easy as we thought because camera man must make sure  whether the video is successful or not.
Plus, Pn. Hazrati said we must complete the video by week 8.  We were supposedly finished the video introduction.
We can make a good video by adding the text, image and audio.  The most important is the message and the moral value of the video.
Software such as adobe premier is good to sound booth and to eliminate motor sounds.
That’s it ! Thank you